3 - Wearing Bamboo's Michael Jackson t-shirt, Formentera 2016

7 - 8am & Bedroom, Filicudi, 2016

10 - A house in the Eolian Islands, Filicudi, 2016

14 - After sex , Miami & bathroom Miami 2014

16 - Bamboo's black dress, Formentera, 2016

17 - Arriving by boat at Bisti Beach, Hydra & 17 - Sigarette after lunch, Hydra, 2016

23 - Bamboo in the bathroom, Formentera 2015

32 - Bamboo's favorite swimsuit, Hydra, 2016

38 - Gini's house, Visicari, 2016

65 - Punta dello Stimpagnato, Filicudi, 2016

74 - Sunbathers on the white rocks, Scala del Turchi 2016

75 - Swimming at the Solarium Lidalina, Pecorini a Mare 2016

Last sun on the driveway - Formentera 2016 & 5- A blue beach house in the wild Siciy, Santa Maria del Focallo 2016

Our good friends and contributors Arturo and Bamboo just released their first self-published summer book: the photos are a collection of intimate snapshots, portraits, legendary places and landscapes shot around various places along the Mediterranean. Lookout for an upcoming collaboration with our fav couple somewhere in Greece soon! Stay tuned.

“For us, it is very personal – we’d tried to create a photo book which serves as an escape for us, but also for the viewer. It should take your mind to a place you haven’t physically been but still be able to feel it, smell it, be there in your mind. We try to give that feeling through this collection of memories, whether it’s through natural beauty or intimacy. Although the world is changing so fast, life under the sun is still about simple pleasures and hasn’t changed much over the last decades.”

A limited edition of 50 copies
available via /