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Our first full Kinoko collection, entitled “ Field ”, explores a range of fabrics and clothing styles originally intended for use in the British outdoors. These garments are inspired by cult outerwear manufacturers who for decades have shaped the way outdoorsmen and military personnel dress.

The line incorporates a heavyweight jacket and trousers in Ventile – a fabric designed for RAF pilot’s flight suits during WWII – as well as moleskin shirting and wide wale corduroy trousers using fabric from one of the last major UK textile mills, a reversible Ventile-wool shawl and a Ventile smock.

True to our belief in having a direct relationship with makers and our respect for ‘slow-made’ processes, each garment has been designed and manufactured in London to a painstaking level of detail, and uses a range of premium British, European and Japanese fabrics and trims throughout.

Sam was shot by Glenn Kitson and styled by Scott Jones with The Rig Out. Birling Gap, East Sussex, December 2016.