Parisian headwear specialists Larose for their new collection chose to go down an path that’s a bit our of the ordinary and handed out the artistic direction to the five Angulo brother or more commonly known as the ”Wolfpack” The documentary by the same name released back in 2015 explored the fascinating story of the 5 brothers who literally locked up for years from civilisation experienced the world only through the celluloid.

Isaac Larose talk of the collaboration with a strong excitement

When I saw the film, I was really move by how it’s a story about hope, the saving power of creativity and then on top of that, you realize that the guys are not just ok after all they’ve been through… they have the coolest styles ever. For me they’re rock stars. I finished the movie and 5 minutes later I was already reaching out to the brothers on every possible social media form. I was obsessed.

”What was really important for us was to give them a total “carte blanche” and give them the opportunity to try something new they never did before and to be able to fully express themselves. They pick their own choice of hats without any restriction, they decided of the styling, location and they even shot it themselves. So the spirit is really DIY in a similar spirit to their own movies.”

And two of the brothers describe their approach to the shoot and their heavy cinematic influences.

Mukunda Angulo
“One of the reasons we’ve decided to collaborate and work with Larose Paris was we had the freedom to create our own vision with photography, we were never behind the camera while doing photoshoots and this was the first we could pour in our own photo vision.”

“The biggest inspiration came from repo man, the film is always in a run down abandoned punk location, we felt it worked really well combining the richness of the hats we chose to a place of no mans land.””
Narayana Angulo

“Basic idea is wild Felliniesque characters in a RepoMan-like dystopian wasteland.Mixing these contradictory settings displays an ever present irony in a humorous way.”